How often do you get the chance to sell advertising with up to 12 weeks of face time?

A Newspaper Bingo Promotion insert is an excellent way for your publication to boost ad sales. Advertisers looking for a standout means to reach customers will recognize the value of advertising on a Bingo game card that readers look for and keep on their breakfast table for weeks! Readers expressly seek out our Bingo cards and call numbers, again and again.

Bingo promotions have been proven over and over to engage readers. They will seek out the cards with your sponsors’ ads and keep them front and center for weeks. Readers also eagerly look for the call numbers where they are announced which gives your sponsors another opportunity to purchase effective advertising that gets noticed! Call numbers turn any page into a surefire destination. Advertisers can rest assured that ads placed adjacent to Bingo play will not go unnoticed.

Prime advertising space is available on every Bingo Promotions insert and can be sold in the way that your ad sales department sees fit. Sell individual small space ads or offer full sponsorship in the form of an entire insert, thereby offering your clients the opportunity to own the whole piece — with their brands and promotions front and center. It’s a flexibility that makes benefiting from this unique newspaper marketing accessible to advertisers of practically any budget size.