Fresh Ideas for your Newspaper

Fresh Ideas with Bingo PromotionCustomers need a reason to buy. 

They also need a reason to invest in subsequent purchases. Want a hook to engage your readers every day? Want to increase newspaper circulation? Raise the stakes!

Nothing motivates participation like the promise of winning. Our play and win bingo promotions are the valuable tool that gives readers another great reason to not only choose your paper, but to keep coming back for more.

Everyone loves a bingo contest. And since readers won’t want to miss a call number, it means more newspaper sales for you! Advertisers won’t want to miss the unprecedented opportunity to get their message in front of a guaranteed audience. Valuable ad space is integrated into every Bingo Promotions Game Card providing newspapers with a premium piece of sellable ad space in a format that readers can’t wait to get their hands on.

With increased single copy sales and increased ad revenues, adding a Bingo Promotions insert to your daily paper is a win-win no-brainer.