What size are the Bingo cards?

Bingo Cards are printed on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets

What kind of paper will the Bingo cards be printed on?

70# paper stock

How do I set up the artwork?

Bingo cards are priced with no bleed. That means that your artwork should not be larger than 8″ x 10.50″ to allow a 1/4″ edge around the artwork. We can print your artwork to the edge of the paper for an additional fee.

How much space should I leave blank for the Bingo grid?

Typically, the Bingo grids are approximately 5″ x 5″ although the space can be much smaller. The biggest factor is legibility; you want the Bingo numbers to be easily seen, read and marked off.

Can I put any logos or artwork in the Bingo grid?

You may put a small logo or image in the center free space or you may incorporate the word “BINGO” as the column headers in your artwork. *Please remember that the control number will be printed in black somewhere on or near the grid. If your “free space” image is large enough that we need to print the control number outside the grid, the background must be light enough for the control number to show up.

How long should I plan to run the Bingo Promotion?

The Bingo promotion is run until a winner is declared, usually when someone brings in their card with all the spaces covered. It generally takes 50-60 numbers called for a coverall bingo.

How do I handle a tie?

Different clients handle ties in different ways. Quite often, the rules say that the first person to bring their card in is the winner. If two or more people come in at the same time, a drawing is held. However you decide to handle the tie, we recommend that you spell it out in the rules.

How do I distribute the Bingo cards?

Bingo cards are typically inserted into newspapers on the largest circulation day of the week and are also usually available on a “while supplies last” basis at the newspaper office. Some clients also offer extra Bingo cards to the sponsors if the sponsor is interested in promoting foot traffic.

How do I get the call numbers?

Some newspapers use a standard Bingo game to choose the numbers. Or you can use a random drawing from a hat. Our Bingo games use standard Bingo numbering from 1-75 so if you’re drawing numbers from a hat, you would mark each option as B-1, B-2, B-3, etc.

  • Each space in the ‘B’ column contains a number from 1 – 15
  • Each space in the ‘I’ column contains a number from 16 – 30
  • Each space in the ‘N’ column contains a number from 31 – 45
  • Each space in the ‘G’ column contains a number from 46 – 60
  • Each space in the ‘O’ column contains a number from 61 – 75

How do I announce the call numbers?

Most papers announce the call numbers in the paper and many use the opportunity to publish the call numbers in conjunction with an ad to generate even more revenue!

What is the control file?

You will receive a spreadsheet listing all the numbers printed on each of your bingo cards. Each row on the spreadsheet represents the numbers printed on 1 bingo card indexed by the control number in the far right column of the spreadsheet. The control number (which usually starts with a “B”) is printed in the free space in the center of the card and serves to identify the card. The file makes it a little more convenient and also helps avoid fraud.

What is the control number?

The control number is the 5 digit number usually preceded by “B,” printed in the free space in the middle of the “N” column, although it can be found elsewhere if you have an image printed there. That number references the unique set of numbers printed on each card.

Can Bingo be played in my state?

Yes, although there may be rules unique to your state. In most states, as long as the game is played on a “No purchase necessary” basis, our Bingo promotions can legally be played.