Game play


Bingo cards, each with their own unique call numbers, are inserted into newspapers before distribution. With the exception that they include prime ad space purchased by your publication’s advertising partners, these flyers function in the same way that the Bingo cards found in a typical Bingo hall function. Game play is simple. Bingo Promotions’ participants cover corresponding numbers on their cards as your newspaper draws and publishes the game’s daily or weekly call numbers within subsequent issues.

Grand prize winning generally requires all 24 numbers on a player’s “card” be marked before any other player can do the same. Typically, it will take between 50 and 60 call numbers to produce a “Bingo”. The first person to cover all 24 of the numbers on the flyer currently in play and present it to the paper’s office is the winner. Of course, how you would like gameplay to proceed is entirely up to you. Every paper has the flexibility of deciding upon their own manner of play and what constitutes a win.