Return on Investment

Bingo is the newspaper circulation promotion that adds value to your publication. For one, those with an eye on the bottom line will be thrilled with the increase in readership. Single copy sales spike when Bingo players seek out gameplay — it’s a given. Individuals will even go so far as to buy multiple copies of the same paper, simply as a way to increase their own chances of winning.

And of course, Bingo Promotions are an exceptional way to add prime sellable advertising space to your paper. Advertisers will undoubtedly realize the extraordinary value in this unique promotion with great staying power. It’s an outstanding vehicle that stays in front of readers for weeks and gets looked at each time a new number is published! Not only are the cards seen and noticed, the space where you publish the call numbers is also highly visible and sought out by readers! That gives your advertising department a lot of high value effective space to offer to potential sponsors.

What’s more, it’s a newspaper marketing program that can pay for itself. With prizes covered by sponsors and printing by advertising sales, a Bingo Promotion offers your paper the opportunity for a great ROI.